AA&R has world-leading expertise in the use of scientific art history methods for determining authenticity of artworks. Backed by many years of experience in this area combined with the latest technologies we can help you reliably establish issues such as authenticity, likely dates for paintings and probable relationships to specific artists and their circles. By detailed analysis of the materials and techniques of paintings and comparison to known patterns of use and artistic practice it is possible for us to explore such questions in a scientifically credible manner.

Our approach to authenticity is based on combining detailed scientific analysis with a deep understanding of the art historical context from which such paintings come. By properly understanding both the science and the art history behind works, robust judgements can be made. For example, detailed characterisation of materials with respect to features known to change historically helps place a work in time; however, this needs us to know what key features have to be looked for, how to characterise these definitively, what the precise pattern of use was and how this relates to work by a specific artist or school. Our special expertise lies in being able to address all these areas in a project.