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We believe that the study of art can be significantly advanced through the incorporation of scientific methods that serve as a complement to more traditional approaches.

The scientific study of works of art is an emerging field fundamental to the intellectual understanding and preservation of cultural heritage. It draws together disciplines including the practice of art, art history, conservation and conservation science as well as more conventional science disciplines. Scientific techniques are used to examine objects better to understand those techniques and materials available to, and used by, artists and craftsmen in the past, whether that past is five or five thousand years ago. This increases our knowledge of the historical, social and economic production of art and artefacts and is therefore fundamental not only to our appreciation of art but also to resolving questions such as authorship. Further, such knowledge helps us to understand the ways objects deteriorate, making it crucial to determining best practice in conservation, preservation treatment and handling.

Our commitment to this approach is reflected in the high standards we apply to all our work. Not only are we investing in the latest analytical technologies, we also back this by building strong and extensive collections of specialist knowledge, and actively researching new answers to longstanding problems. We are also associated with the Pigmentum Project, University of Oxford.

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