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La Reve de l’Artiste by Antoine Watteau. Painting courtesy of the Weiss Gallery.
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“If ever there was a study needing as it does the co-operation of so many sciences it is surely that of Art-history, and I would make the claim that the benefits it would confer would be at least equal to those it would receive. We have such a crying need for systematic study in which scientific methods will be followed wherever possible.” [Art historian Roger Fry, 1939]

Art Access and Research (AA&R) serves the community of those interested and involved in fine art. We assist people who collect art, buy and sell art, as well as carers of our heritage in museums and galleries. The primary focus of AA&R is on scientific studies integrated with art historical knowledge, but we also offer specialist services in high-quality imaging of art and support for conservation. Projects may be individual paintings or whole collections, a single X-ray or a comprehensive analysis.

Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh, our Director of Research, is a world renowned expert in the physical analysis of paintings. The addition of Dr. Jilleen Nadolny to the team in January, 2010, further enhances our capabilities through her acknowledged expertise in technical art history. Our collaboration with colleagues specialising in complementary fields from the arts and sciences enables AA&R to undertake a wide range of advanced scientific art history studies. We have also invested heavily in new analytical equipment and technology to make AA&R the leading independent provider of research in this area.

High profile projects that we have been involved in include differentiating between genuine and fake paintings supposedly by Russian artists such as Aivasovsky, Malevich, Goncharova and Popova; providing scholarly studies in support of major auction and other sales such as Rubens’ Massacre of the Innocents (Sotheby’s London, 2002, £49.5M); investigations of the materials and techniques in paintings by Jackson Pollock (Pollock Matters Exhibition, Boston, 2007). However, we also frequently perform smaller-scale studies. Clients include the leading auction houses, many dealers, numerous private collectors and owners, museums and galleries worldwide.